Do You Wish Sales Was Simpler? 

Flow State Selling

Focus On The Flow & Watch Your Bank Account Grow

Do You Wish Sales Was Simpler? 

Flow State Selling

Focus On The Flow & Watch Your Bank Account Grow

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Who Is Flow State Selling Suitable For?

Small Business Owners, Solopreneurs Or Those With A Sales Team To Train
Coaches, Trainers, Consultants, Therapists, Speakers Or Expert Business Owners
Salespeople looking to improve their sales skills and boost their close rate

Kim Walsh Phillips- Speaker, Author, CEO

"Suzi is incredible at sales! 

She knows exactly how to cut to the core of why people buy and she's connected the dots for many of my clients when it comes to not just making money but to truly serving at the highest level through sales."

D. Powell- Events Organiser

"I’m not a natural salesperson. Many times I used to avoid picking up the phone to make sales calls.
I’ve tried other sales courses in the past but none have really shown me how to sell without pushing people into the sale.
Fortunately, I found Suzi’s Course. She’s given me a way to be myself and sell with confidence. Best of all my sales have increased 10-FOLD! Thanks so much Suzi!”

Neil Clark - Vice President Of Technology
TASC Outsourcing

“I know Suzi to be an exceptionally talented, determined and dedicated individual. When she commits to something she will always follow through and be successful. She is a naturally gifted salesperson who demonstrates a keen awareness of the issues that Business Owners face and is a great Mentor.”

Who Is Suzi Seddon?

Suzi is a serial entrepreneur, coach, trainer, business growth expert and creator of 'Flow State Selling' and '7 Secrets.' 

 She was the top performing salesperson for a number of global businesses for many years before starting up her own companies including the costume jewellery retailer 'Rebel Rocks' and the lifestyle blog 7 Secrets. 

She is known for her ability to condense detailed information into simple, easy to understand formulas, as well as her ability to find the 'buried treasure' in any person or business. 

Suzi is motivated by a desire to help business owners create their own time and money freedom and runs a selection of business growth programs including a weekly '6 Figure Coaching Club.' 

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Why Should I Learn Flow State Selling?

You'll Make A Lot More Money & Double Your Current Sales Rate
You'll Grow Your Business & Your Network Quicker & Easier Then Ever Before
You'll Become A More Effective Communicator, Salesperson, Business Owner & It Will Even Improve Your Daily Life

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